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The Viking Longhouse

This building represents a garrison building from a royal fortress in Denmark and is dated to around 920 A.D.

The specific evidence for this structure comes from Fyrkat where buildings like these were set out in quadrangles within a large circular fort. These forts were situated next to rivers to be close to military fleets. Each building was intended to house a crew of men during the winter months or when not raiding. The buildings were curved and sometimes known as “hogbacks” reflecting the shape of a Wild Boar’s crest.

The structure is timber framed using Oak and Sweet chestnut timber all gathered locally from the Cranborne Estate. The roof is covered with 22,146 hand made shingles and there are 3600 runes carved into the frame. The curved shape of the building allows for lighter timbers to be used and creates a light but very strong shape.

The longhouse took over three years to complete and was constructed by a dedicated team of volunteers and visiting groups.