The Ancient Technology Centre Ancient Technology Centre
The Ancient Technology Centre
Sandford Award
South West Regional Building
Excellence Awards 2011
Best Community Development
- Viking Longhouse, ATC
The Ancient Technology Centre has developed a unique program of hands on learning for children of all ages.
We believe that children should explore their surroundings, environment and history through an exciting blend of full scale building projects and traditional skills and crafts.  Our starting point is archaeology and this informs the many buildings and activities that we offer.
Our goal is to enable children to genuinely experience aspects of daily life in the past, we encourage hard work, sweat and blisters in the context of seasonal and sustainable practice, the results of this hard work is plain to see.
We are now making an effort to open our amazing site to the public and we hope to see you soon!

A variety of traditional activities will be on the go for you to experience first hand.

Saturday 6th December
10am - 4pm
£5 for adults / £2.50 for children
Please note that we do not have facilities for
credit/debit cards and are a cash only venue
Saturday 15th November
Where The Bear Sleeps
- The Kalevala
Performance storytelling by Nick Hennessey

Somewhere in the northern Forests of Finland you pass from a world of midnight sun, into a mythic landscape created from shards of eggshell taken from a nest balanced on the knee of a deity mistaken for an island in an ocean. One of these worlds is real…but which one?