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The ATC has six full sized reconstructions of ancient buildings.

Each of our buildings represent a different time period or vernacular style.  Our aim is to compare and contrast ancient building techniques and styles using the best and most complete archaeological evidence.

The vast majority of our materials are harvested locally by us and our visiting groups.  We then transform them using modern and ancient techniques.  Each project will employ traditional construction methods and sometimes require the use of structural engineers to prove our methods will work.  As far as possible we use traditional tools for our work although sometimes we do employ modern methods to try and maintain the momentum of a large project.

Each building is sourced and built by visiting children and volunteers,  The seriousness and scale of our projects ensures that a building will takes somewhere between 1 and 4 years to complete.  Although this is time consuming, we believe the genuine and substantial participation of children in our projects give them an unforgettable experience of life in the past – we hope you agree.