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Neolithic House Project Journal
Construction Phase Week 6
We have finished a section of daub on building 547 today.
Using some of the chalk that we had crushed mixed with some chopped straw and water. this was applied to the woven wall under the section of thatched roof that we finished last week. We think that it looks amazing!.
The chalk daub on building 547.
We also added extensions to the bottom of the roof of building 851 to create an eave that will allow us to start on the thatching tomorrow. The eave creates a rain shadow to protect the daub from the weather.
Richard fits the top ring beam to building 848.
Today we were mainly concentrating on buildings 851 and 848.
Our first job was to set the horizontal spacing of the woven hazel on the eaves of building 851, so the thatch can be attached, we also completed the eave over the door. After this we added a roll of wheat straw to the bottom of the eaves, and then the first layer of thatch.
We also took down the test structure for building 848. This is now being rebuilt over a marked out floor section with the main poles and ring beam being fitted.
The eave fitted to building 851.
Janey and Harald fit the wheat straw roll.
Fitting the first layer of thatch to building 851.
On building 848 we fitted the secondary rafters and wove hazel around the bottom to lock everything in place. Another weave of hazel was added half way up the rafters to which the shorter rafters were then attached.
All the rafters are in on building 848.
We have been working on the thatch on building 851, continuing the layers that we started yesterday. We added two more layers which has now covered the walls meaning that we can start daubing fairly soon.
A view from under the eaves of building 851, the hazel woven into the wall can be seen on the right.
Looking down on the thatched eaves of building 851.
On building 848 we have woven several layers around at the bottom of the structure. We will continue to weave layers up the rafters to provide a base for attaching the thatch.
A view across the site with the woven bands of building 848 on the left.
Most of the volunteers have spent their morning preparing the thatch ready for the roof of building 851. We are using the wheat straw on the roof as quickly as it can be prepared!
After lunch they moved on to daubing a large section of wall around the door using the crushed chalk from earlier in the project.
Suzanne applies the daub to the wall of building 851.
As building 848 is also having experimental sections of roofing material applied, the structure underneath is being constructed using two different methods. We are weaving hazel completely up one side of the structure and weaving bands of hazel on the other. This reflects the different types of material that are being used to cover it.
The woven section of building 848.