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The Earthouse

This building represents a specialist farmhouse from the British iron age and is dated to around 100 A.D.

The specific evidence for this structure comes from Ballanorris (phase 1) on the Isle of Man and was excavated by Gerhard Bersu in the 1940’s. These structures appear to incorporate all of the activities associated with a farming economy based on cattle, all under one roof - rather than the usual Roundhouse and ancillary buildings model found elsewhere. The timber post layout lends itself to internal partitioning as cattle stalls, grain storage and living space.

The Earthouse is a monumental structure based on Iron age evidence - but intended as a venue for storytelling and musical events. There are around 80 tonnes of earth on the roof, supported by 21 Oak trees and Ash tree purlin rings. The original floor stepped towards the central hearth but this has been exaggerated to accommodate audiences of up to 250 people

The Earthouse took three and a half years to complete.