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The Saxon Grubenhaus

This building represents a distinctive type of structure that appeared in large numbers from the end of the Roman period (400 A.D.) and throughout the Saxon preiod.. These buildings are known as “Grubenhaus” (pit houses) or in modern archaeological terminology as SFB’s (sunken feature buildings) and are distinctive by their use of a pit as part of their design.

Mystery still surrounds the exact purpose of the pit and many experiments have been conducted to try and answer this question. This version uses the pit to create a low level floor - it may be that original floors were suspended over the pits. Pits vary in depth across the Saxon world from just a few centimetres to around a metre.

This building has been reconstructed by our fantastic volunteers using evidence from Building 6 at West Stow in Suffolk. When finished it will become the base for green woodwork, tanning and weaving at the ATC.


Wall section example 1

Wall section example 2