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History@Work Weekends

Unfortunately no dogs are allowed on site.

Please Note: We are only open to the public on these event days.

The rest of the time the site is only available to educational groups.

Ever wondered how our ancestors built or made things?

History@Work Weekends showcase the inner workings of Experimental Archaeology.

All History@Work Weekends

10am - 4pm

Photo: Paul Derwent Photo: Paul Derwent Photo: Paul Derwent Photo: Paul Derwent Photo: Paul Derwent Photo: Paul Derwent

Imagine a place where the sound of ancient tools still ring, where ancient skills and processes are not forgotten. Bring your family to a unique day out in Dorset.

These weekends offer you the chance to see our volunteers and staff demonstrating their individual skills and expertise in a wide range of crafts and activities that genuinely contribute to the construction and maintenance of the site. The days are informal and allow you to ask  those detailed questions that you have always wanted to ask, to see authentic tools and methods at work and to enjoy behind the scenes detailed tours of our fabulous structures by those who built them.

This is a great chance to understand the complex issues and processes that turn a small piece of evidence from the ground into something tangible.

Bring a picnic and enjoy our home made cake and delicious tea and coffee in the beautiful and timeless setting of this unique open air museum.

These days are the perfect opportunity to be practically involved and maybe volunteer.

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