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Antony Whitlock

After studying for a degree in Fine Art,  Antony trained as a teacher and taught Art at Key Stages 3 and 4, before moving into outdoor education, forest schools and bushcraft. He worked for several years as a bushcraft instructor, and during this time developed an interest in primitive technology, particularly flintknapping. This led to an MA in Experimental Archaeology, and subsequent work as a research assistant, at Exeter University, before joining the team at the Ancient Technology Centre.

Jasna Furlan

Jasna learnt about the ATC when she was searching for a placement after finishing her degree in archaeology. Although the placement never took place, she was so impressed by the Centre and its ethos, that she wanted to become a part of it. When the opportunity came in 2015, she took it and moved from Slovenia to the UK. She is primarily interested in the Iron Age and the Roman Period, and the ways to present the past to children in order to inspire them (she got her experience from working with schools and museums in Slovenia, Scotland and Sweden). Her special interest is textile production, and the use of plants in the past.

Abi Parslow

Abi started working at the ATC in 2015, following the study of an archaeology degree and bio-archaeology masters. She is fascinated by all periods of history, and has studied everything from the Stone-age through to the Victorian era, though has particular interest in the British Neolithic. She is also an advocate of public archaeology, having volunteered with a number of museum education departments, and loves to engage children in the study of the past. Currently, Abi is working to improve the gardens at the ATC, and is also keen to develop her skills in traditional textile production.