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The ATC has welcomed school visits for over 25 years and in that time thousands of children have passed through our gates and enjoyed memorable experiences of the past.

About 80% of all our building and maintenance projects are completed by visiting groups and this allows them to gain a greater understanding of the challenges our ancestors faced day to day.

Our aim is to link your area of study with realistic skills and crafts from the past, children will take part in seasonal and sustainably resourced activities and follow processes that have remain unchanged for thousands of years.

Our teaching days tackle some fundamentals of education – “where do things come from” – “how has the world changed”  - “how did the seasons affect our ancestors” by looking at historical and archaeological evidence, but the overriding focus of any day visit to the ATC is to let your children get their hands on the past through a range of real, exciting and enjoyable activities.

The ATC is a working farmstead – and as such, the activities available to your group are seasonally determined.