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For many years the ATC has offered outreach projects to schools. Outreach projects can be a good way for a school to develop its outside space, enhance its learning outside the classroom and creating a school spirit. Our outreach projects are flexible, can be tailored to your requirements and involve your children in some of the same hands on experiences they would discover at the Ancient Technology Centre.

Here are two examples of outreach projects that have been successful at schools in the past.

School Roundhouse

Our team arrive at your school for the start of a two week project. Each day we bring trailer loads of hazel rods, stakes and thatching reed and over the next ten days your children join us in sessions and construct a traditionally built 4 metre diameter roundhouse. The house will be completed with a thatched roof and your children can daub the walls and decorate them. These buildings have a lifespan of around ten years if the thatch is maintained periodically and provide a fantastic outside space for role play, reading corners or a focus for history projects. Your school can embellish the house with small wheat fields or vegetable plots to keep the project growing year on year.

Ancient Camp

Our team can bring the past to your school by setting up and ancient camp in your grounds. We bring a shelter, make a fire pit and your children join us for a range of exciting activities that will demonstrate some of the daily tasks undertaken by our ancestors. Our camp can focus on particular time periods such as the Stone Age, Iron Age, Roman, or Viking, or we can present a general picture of the past – taking the best bits from all!